5 Yarmouth Road, Norwich
5 Yarmouth Road, Norwich

  • Heritage Development

  • £750k

This complex scheme on a confined, steeply sloping site required detailed planning and early consideration of the buildability and cost of construction. Various options were considered to ease the construction process including the installation of an 8 m high contiguous or secant piled wall, with or without ground anchors. The option that was adopted terraced the building into the embankment to minimize retaining wall heights and volumes of cut material. The building was constructed using a piled concrete structure incorporating a contiguous piled retaining wall up to 1st floor level and prefabricated lightweight metal frame building system above.


A 3D structural model was produced that was used to coordinate the construction works with the architect’s 3D model. This was used extensively on this project to consider the complex sequencing required for the installation of the piled retaining walls and transfer structures. Particular consideration was made to achieving a safe and accessible piling platform for each stage of the works.


The project received a commendation in the Institution of Structural Engineers Eastern Anglian Regional Branch Awards for Structural Excellence 2012.


Click on the image below for the sequencing model provided for the project: